My Passion to White Gold Diamond Rings.

My personal blog about how I got passionate by brilliance of white gold and diamonds.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Passion to White Gold Diamond Rings.
I have learned the most use of rings is associated with weddings and engagements and one of the most popular choices is gold. I personally admire white gold. The contemporary beauty of white gold diamond engagement rings and wedding rings never fail to get the attention of countless of people around, it exudes elegance, simplicity, modernism and power all at the same time.
Even surveys show, gold being the most common, popular wedding and engagement rings. Gold can either be white or yellow. Standards indicate fine gold jewelry should be mounted in either 14-karat (K) or 18 karat (K) gold.
The 18-karat and 14-karat gold should consist of 18 and 14 parts of pure gold combines with 6 and 10 parts of other metals. In market, white gold is more preferable compared to yellow gold. It is also usually harder that’s why it can last for longer period of time. White gold is usually more recommended for a diamond ring mount than yellow gold, it doesn’t wash off after years of use.
Of my knowledge a valuable and reliable mount for a diamond, is an 18-K white gold setting, it is harder and resists against scratches. An 18-K white gold is also recommended compared to 14-K white gold, it has whiter color. Also, it doesn’t require rhodium in its plate to hide any discoloration that is common to 14-K white gold.
Indeed, diamonds surrounded by white gold is wonderfull and rings regardless of its kind are beautiful and stunning. Depending on purpose, rings are always valuable and sentimental, but my strongest fillings are coming with diamond rings set on white gold settings, sinking of it I’m better, I love more, I’m grate! A lot of stores are offering white gold jewelry items. Just recently at only one area could see abonch like Nataly jewelry, Maria's gold jelwelry, White and yellow gold, Natalia jewelry etc.